The Best Small Fictions Pre-Releases


We are thrilled to announce that The Best Small Fictions 2015 is now available for ordering exclusively through Queens Ferry. Copies ship immediately, so get yours ahead of the October 6th general release and discover why reviewer Joseph Spuckler says about the book: “Small fiction…is the matchbox of fiction; no story is more than a few short pages. There is also the feeling of completeness in these shorter stories…a fullness that usually requires many more words…. This is truly a well-selected collection and has given me a new appreciation for small fiction.”

Reviewer Bunny Goodjohn (for Mom Egg Review) also offers her eloquent take: “In much the same way that a platter of barbeque ribs brings out the glutton in the best of us, this volume of miniatures tempts us to dive in and not surface until we’re full to bursting. But that would be a mistake. These tiny stories are like sushi—each one should be savored and time taken to consider its artistry…. These fictions hand us our human condition on a literary plate.”

While you’re still hungry, perhaps head over to Goodreads and see what members and other reviewers are saying about the volume; also, please add it to your to read list if you are a member.

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